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Why hire a house painter when you can do it yourself?

As homeowners, we’ve all been there when faced with a home improvement project: hire a pro or do it yourself?  The scenario happens often enough in our daily lives that it is a recurring punch line for endless jokes, sitcoms, etc.

Resurface the garage floor. Change all the outlets. Replace a bathroom sink. Fix that hole in the wall. Paint the kitchen.

It is always tempting to just head out to Home Depot and pick up a few gallons of your favorite color(s), a few brushes, a roller and some blue tape.  Block off a weekend and get ready to save some money.  How hard could it be?

And then the color doesn’t look like it is did in your mind once it is on the wall. And you forgot to buy a bucket. And will the store take back that custom color – since, despite what the store assistant said, you bought too much paint.  Hmm…there’s only a little bit of paint on the windowsill.  We’ll get around to touching it up.  And one weekend turns into three.  Oh, and the mess.  That corner of the yard where you cleaned the brushes surely won’t be white after you mow next time.

While painting a room sounds simple enough on paper, there is a dramatic difference between a first-timer and a pro tackling the job.

So what is the not-so-secret difference?

  1. A pro paints houses for a living.  With experience comes expertise.
  2. A pro has a standard to meet.
  3. Never underestimate the value of your time.  Hiring a well-chosen pro virtually guarantees a quality job in a quicker time – and what is YOUR time worth?

So what do you get with a professional house painter that you might now get when doing it yourself?

  1. Color choice – a professional house painter will have the ability to sit down with you and conduct a comprehensive color consultation to help take the guesswork out of the transition from your mind’s eye to wall.
  2. Straight lines – quality house painting is in the details.  A professional house painter will have the expertise required to make sure every line is straight.
  3. Even coats – An experienced house painters knows the technique for properly coating a wall so that once dry there are not apparent “shadows” where there shouldn’t be.
  4. Lasting results – A professional house painter will have the experience to choose quality paint that when combined with professional technique will allow the results to provide lasting quality.  A quality house painter doesn’t buy the paint that is on sale.  A quality house painter uses the paint that will work best for the customer.

So precisely how much will you save by doing it yourself?

About us

Since 2000, Village Pro Painters has specialized in interior and exterior residential and commercial painting in North Texas.

How to choose a House Painter

Your home is your biggest investment and one of the most cost effective ways of updating and maintaining the beauty of your home is through interior and exterior painting.

Unfortunately, not all house painters are created equal.  Unlike electricians and plumbers, the state of Texas does not require licenses for house painters.  Therefore, it can be challenging to choose a house painter that is trustworthy and provides high quality services.  Making an informed decision when choosing a house painter is of utmost importance.

Here are some tips for what to look for when choosing a house painter:

  1. Creditability:
    • Is the house painter a formal business or just a guy with a truck?
    • Has the house painter been in business long enough to establish a reputation?
    • Does the house painter willingly and openly provide references and examples of previous work?
    • Is the owner involved in the process and easily accessible?
  2. Reputation:  The Internet has become an excellent resource for checking the background of a company without having to rely exclusively on company provided references.  There are a variety of places to check for un-solicited reviews including:
  3. Professionalism:
    • Are employees full-time or simply sub-contracted on a job by job basis?  If the turn-over of employees is high then the quality of the work will potentially vary greatly depending upon who shows up that day.
    • Are employees background-checked and uniformed?  Remember, these are basically strangers that will have virtually unlimited access to your home.
    • Is the company involved in the community?  Check if the business is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or otherwise engaged in the local community.  Established businesses will be involved.  Fly-by-night operations typically won’t commit the time and resources.

Once you’ve established that the paint contractor is trustworthy and an established business, all you have to do is decide whether you like the quality of their work and are satisfied with the estimate.  Good luck!

About Village Pro Painters:

Village Professional Painters knows how important your home is to you. Because of that, the service we provide means far more to us than simply putting paint on walls. We are helping you create a new identity for your home and take pride in making the entire experience a pleasure for you.

Village Professional Painters understands how valuable your time is. We will always respect your time by being prompt, quick to respond to questions, and completing our work thoroughly and efficiently. Just remember, no job in complete until you are satisfied. We strive to exceed each client’s expectations through every facet of our relationship.

All of our employees work directly for Village Professional Painters. WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUT OUR WORK. This is very important especially when you are considering interior work. You want to be assured that the individuals that will be working in your home have been screened and not just a stranger your contractor subbed out to.

We are fully insured. Did you know that the State of Texas is the only state in the union that does not require contractors to be either licensed or insured? We at Village believe in your protection and that is why we carry a $1,000,000 policy with Nation Wide Insurance.

For over 10 years, Village Pro Painters has served the communities of Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Lantana, Southlake, Grapevine, Plano and surrounding DFW areas.

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