It is so hard to decide on a particular color scheme for your dining room if you are starting from scratch or you want a brand new look. You want a color scheme and palette that encourages fellowship and warmth in your dining space. Many families use the dining area as a “gathering place”.

Remember to always check your lighting in any space before jumping into a color. Check the light from the window, and the type of lamps etc that you have to make sure that you are going to get the “true color”.

Your dining area and dining spaces can at times be the main area of the home. If that is your case, choose some inviting colors- or if it is a less formal eating or dining area – colors can be played around with more.

Green tones are nice to go in a dining space, many choose it because it is a cool warm and inviting color that isn’t intrusive. It doesn’t have to be the color of green peas or spinach or even remind you of food, but more of a family having a fun card game, or church get-together.

At Village Pro Painters in Lewisville, we will come out and help you pick your colors. Owner, Pat McCoy enjoys helping families pick the right color just for them and their lifestyle. There are no rules with Village Pro Painters, it is all about you (the customer). Village Pro Painters has a project consultation service that is top of the line. Village Pro Painters in Lewisville is committed to helping you pick the right color for your space, a color you will love for years to come.