Painting the exterior of your home is a necessary renovation for nearly all homes. It increases your market value, freshens the outside appearance of your home and helps protect it against harmful weather.

But is it a job you should do yourself?  Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a reputable painting company such as Village Professional Painters to paint the exterior of your house.

Professional Exterior House PaintingLabor-Intensive Work

While the actual painting of the brick or exterior material of your home might not be that difficult, the work that goes into preparing your home for a fresh coat of paint can be downright exhausting!

You’ll need to scrape off all old paint. That means manually checking under gutters, around door frames and in-between concrete and brick on your home if you have it.  To help with scraping off all paint, you’ll then need to powerwash the exterior of your home after removing all the exterior light fixtures.

Lack of Materials

Unfortunately for many Do-It-Yourself’ers who decide to tackle painting the outside of their home, they often don’t have the appropriate tools.

To do the job yourself, you’ll have to rent a variety of special tools for a short amount of time (unless you consider painting more often). You’ll need a pressure washer, paint sprayer and scaffolding if you live in a two-story home because a large ladder just won’t cut it.

You’ll also need a heat gun, pole sander, extension ladder, paint, caulk, caulk gun, wire brush and so on.

Experience = Quality (and Time Savings)

There is a noticeable difference in quality when an inexperienced painter does the work versus professionals with years experience.   In addition, experienced professionals typically complete the work much faster that the Do-It-Yourself’er.

So, are you ready to attempt this large project by yourself or let a team of experts such as Village Professional Painters take it on so that you can sit worry-free? Give Village Professional Painters a call today and get started on your exterior paint job for your home!