Although the weather is still very chilly outside, it won’t be long before the Texas sun makes its way back into the DFW metroplex. So, we like to get a head-start on Spring by preparing for it now!

It’s simple, easy and fun to paint your outdoor furniture and it can breath new life into any outdoor atmosphere you have set up. Transform your deck or yard with some of these quick outdoor furniture painting tips.

Assuming that you’ll be painting wooden outdoor furniture, first make sure that the wood is free of mildew or mold (check the underside too!) If there is some mold, use a cleaner with mildewcide. If it’s not too much mold, a good bleach and water should be able to do the trick.

The next step for preparing your outdoor furniture is to sand it. By roughening the surface, you’ll give the paint more opportunity to stick to the original grain which will leave a more high-quality finish.

If old paint or stain is left after a good sanding, you can skip priming. But if not, you should apply lighter primer that is formulated for outdoor use.

Then, it’s time to get after it! Choose a good stain or paint that will protect against UV rays and extreme weather (both hot and cold) and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

A great way to prepare for Spring and Summer – start to spruce up your outdoor furniture with a new coat of paint. Then, move on to the house and call Village Professional Painters!