Hands down, choosing paint is the most critical part of any design or painting that you’ll be doing. There is nothing more important. Our trained professionals at Village Professional Painters only use the highest quality paints for your home, so if you choose to paint your home yourself, you should do the same.

First off, find a brand that you are comfortable with—something that is within your budget and in your desired shade. We recommend Benjamin Moore, Behr or Sherman Williams as some of the most reliable and impressive.

Finishes for your paint are equally important. Some finishes are more appropriate for kitchens, while others are better suited to walls with imperfections or wooden floors.

Another choice you’ll have to make: oil or latex (water-based) paint?

Oil based paints are smoother and are more thorough and thick, so it will take less coats to cover a wall. But they also take longer to dry, so you can only cover so much wall at one time. They have a strong odor that can be downright overwhelming and can also crack, fade and yellow over time.

Latex paints don’t yellow over time, are easier to clean, and dry much faster than their oil-based counterparts. They’re also more environmentally-friendly! One of the few catches of using latex paint is that it swells the grains of wood, making sanding a complete necessity for that finished and polished look.

What tips have you used when choosing paint? What’s important to you to check out before diving into a big painting project? Call Village Professional Painters and we can assist you in helping you choose the right paint for your home or office.