The housing market in Texas is grade-A and peaking at a time when many are looking for an upgrade (or downgrade) in their future home. So if you’ve recently listed your house, you know that the first impression is one of the biggest pieces in selling and buying a home.

What does your home say potential buyers? What is your home’s first impression?

Fortunately, creating a positive first impression for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. A new paint color can be one of the fastest ways to change your home.

A new exterior paint job might be the biggest piece to curb appeal. Research suggests that nearly 40 percent of new home buyers preferred a house with a white exterior. However, white paint isn’t the same everywhere. Opt for a bright, clean and linen-shade white to truly catch the eyes of those passing by.

Once potential buyers have parked and decided to enter your home (because of the exterior paint job, right?), the shades of paint in those first rooms will be the extension of your curb appeal. Earth tones of brown, green, blues and orange can be inviting and welcoming. Imagine your favorite coffee shop; chances are it is very welcoming. Your home should be too.