As flowers are blooming and warmer weather is slowly drifting in, it’s time to celebrate a new season, spring!

Spring brings many things with it: April showers, May flowers and spring cleaning!

Many are preparing for their annual spring-cleaning. They will set plans to clean out the flowerbeds, deep clean bathrooms and floors and exploring opportunities to spruce up their home.

Is painting your home on your to-do list this spring? If not, it should be.

3 reasons why you should re-paint the exterior of your home this spring:

Curb Appeal

A new outside paint job can help your house stand out in the neighborhood. More often than not, many neighborhood houses look the same; they share the “cookie cutter” style of roofing, layout and yard space.

By investing in painting the outside of your home, you’ll allow your home to shine and glimmer to all passing by in the same way it does for you and your family.

Increases Real Estate Value

If you are considering selling your home in the future or simply increasing its market value, an exterior paint job can breathe new life into the value of your home.

Re-painting your house is also one of the cheapest renovation opportunities that homeowners can make. It can cost upwards of $40,000 to renovate a kitchen, complete with new counters, flooring and appliances – whereas, an investment in an exterior paint job will be much lower.

Protect Your Home

It’s easy to overlook that a new exterior paint job offers important protective benefits. Paint provides a layer of moisture protection against the harshest of spring showers and can help repel the sun’s rays keeping your home cooler throughout the warmer months.

Make an investment in the future of your home. Spruce up your house with a new exterior paint job this spring with Village Professional Painters!

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