Our Process

We address every aspect of surface preparation to ensure lasting beauty and most importantly, protection from the elements of North Texas.

Surface Preparation:

The most important part of your exterior painting project is surface preparation. You may use higher-end and more durable paints in the industry to cover your home, but, if the house is not properly prepped before painting, within six months, you will start to see signs of deterioration. Our commitment to you is that every necessary application of surface preparation will be addressed before painting begins.

Power Washing

Power Washing:

The first step in surface preparation is the power washing of your home. It is very important that the sub-straight is properly clean to assure adhesion. During the power washing procedure, we apply a light bleach solution to assure that any mold or mildew that may be on your home is removed. The solution is regulated by the power washer so it is environmentally safe. It will not do any damage to the surrounding areas.

Scraping and Sanding:

Stage two in the surface preparation is the scraping and sanding of any loose peeling paint. We first scrape away any peeling paint. We then sand the area with 220 grit sand paper to assure that the surface is ready for the next stage of preparation.

SandingPaint Scraping



Stage three in this process is to prime all the bare wood. An oil base primer will be applied to all areas where bare wood is exposed. Primer is applied only after all loose peeling paint has been removed; It is important that an oil base primer is used and not a latex. Oil base primers are designed to penetrate the wood and seal it. Where as a latex primer only sits on the surface of the sub-straight and does not properly seal the wood.


The final stage in the surface preparation is the caulking and sealing of any gaps and holes in the sub-straight. This is important to assure that moisture does not penetrate the surface of your home and will prevent any future rotting of wood and paint deterioration. We even go the extra mile and inspect all your non painted windows to assure any current caulking applications are up to specification.