Village Professional Painters is proud to recommend Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth to create murals for our clients.

A Message From Ms. Elizabeth:

Thank you so much for visiting my website. My name is Maithen Elizabeth, and I have been chasing my passion for being a full-time artist and painter since I was a very small girl growing up in southern Oklahoma. In fact, one of the earliest memories is of me sitting at my grandmother’s (my mom’s mother’s) kitchen table to paint. She was an artist, too – unlike me, she focused mostly on crafting and Christmas decorations, but she loved every bit of it – and the focus was always on having fun. As we sat there, she’d always say, “Have Fun!”

That’s a belief I have held onto all these years, and that positive outlook on life shows in all the many custom pieces I’ve created for my residential and commercial clients. I am blessed with an artist lineage, as BOTH my grandmothers and my beautiful mom not only helped teach me but also encouraged me to chase my dreams, appreciate all forms of art, and explore the many ways art can move us emotionally and spiritually. Just like me, they believed this world could never have too much art and beauty… and if you have a chance to spread a little extra sunshine, then you should do it!

I sold my first painting in 2012 and three years later began focusing my attention on creating custom pieces for residents, businesses across many industries, and charitable organizations.

I’ve been married for three years, and my husband is my rock when it comes to life and the pursuit of my dreams. Not only has he encouraged and pushed me to go into business for myself, but he’s introduced me to people along the way.

Bottom line: I want to paint your world beautiful. Many of my original works can be seen at a variety of well-known establishments throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond, including Combs Coffee in Denton, Old Town Brewhouse, and Cafe Brazil in Plano, Cedar Springs, Deep Ellum, and Carrollton. You can also purchase my artwork through Cleo’s Art Gallery at Music City Mall in Lewisville and Hulen Mall in Fort Worth.

If you’ve been looking for an artist who is willing to sit with you and create a work of art that speaks to you and or your business, Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth is here to help. I enjoy each step of the creative process and growing happy clientele along the way. Call me today to schedule a free consultation!