Our Process

When it comes to interior painting, our number one goal is to be as convenient and unobtrusive as possible. We will not come in and have your entire home turned upside-down for the duration of the project.

In the beginning, we will concentrate on finishing the main living quarters, IE: bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, so we can get your family back to some degree of normalcy as soon as possible.

We will then focus on the areas that are of the least importance to daily life such as foyers, formal living rooms, lofts, and game rooms.

Professional Painters

Professional Painters

We ask for you to be responsible for removing all small articles in the rooms and if possible, pictures on the walls. We will take care of moving all the major furniture to a convenient location.

We then cover all articles of furniture with plastic to assure their protection.

Furniture coveringFurniture covering

The painting begins.

 And then finally remove all plastic and return the furniture to its original location.

Our professional painters are also experts in all types of decorative finishes including textures, faux finishes and glazing.