Village Professional Painters knows how important your home is to you.

The service we provide means far more to us than simply putting paint on walls. We are helping you create a new identity for your home and take pride in making the entire experience a pleasure for you.

Village Professional Painters understands how valuable your time is. We will always respect your time by being prompt, quick to respond to questions, and completing our work thoroughly and efficiently. Just remember, no job is complete until you are satisfied. We strive to exceed each client’s expectations through every facet of our relationship.

All of our employees work directly for Village Professional Painters. WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT OUT OUR WORK. This is very important especially when you are considering interior work. You want to be assured that the individuals that will be working in your home have been screened and not just a stranger your contractor subbed out to.

We are fully insured. Did you know that the State of Texas is the only state in the union that does not require contractors to be either licensed or insured? We at Village believe in your protection, and that is why we carry a $1,000,000 policy with Nation Wide Insurance.

That said, I wish to welcome you to our website. I would like to take a few moments and tell you a little bit about myself and our company.

I am in my 19th year in this industry but have been working with paint and color since 1995. I was previously the Production Manager for United Sports Technologies. They are one of the largest manufacturers and finishers of graphite composites such as golf shafts and arrows.

I am not a contractor by trade. My background is in management and customer service. Because of that, you will find that we do things a bit differently than other paint contractors. WE ARE VERY SERVICE ORIENTED!!!!! We know it is much more than just putting paint on your home.

We started in February of 2000 with one goal in mind. To bring the highest quality product and customer service to an industry that is not known for either. Many times our clients have told us of an experience either they or a friend had with a contractor. The stories all have the same theme to them. As soon as they were paid, the contractor could never be reached again. We want our clients to know that we are always going to be here for them!!!!

I want to thank you again for considering Village Professional Painters as your contractor of choice and remember…….

Patrick McCoy, PresidentIT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Thank you,
Patrick McCoy, Owner

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