At Village Pro Painters we are often asked “what are the best colors” for a certain space? We love to help our customers with their color choices of a space but many times it is just based on the clients personality or home decor.

Choosing a color of paint for your kitchen shouldn’t be a hard or stressful task. We often suggest using the color of the cabinets in the kitchen as a guide. You want your kitchen to be warm and calming and yet you want your kitchen to mesh with rest of your home’s color theme.

Popular kitchen paint choices are earth tones – those are tones that can basically go with any other colors that you  might choose for accents such as reds and browns.

Shades of yellow, peaches and browns are also a popular choice of paint for your kitchen and eating areas. A beautiful color combination might be the light earth tones with brick red as accents.

The least favorite and popular of kitchen paint choices are shades of greens and blues. It seems that green and blues would be a favorite in the kitchen but for some reason people stay clear of those colors.

When picking out a color of paint for your kitchen there are several guidelines to think about – the size of the room, your own theme and decor and the lighting in the kitchen. But overall and in the end – it’s your space, your kitchen and your choice so go with the earthy tones or go with a fun shade of purple if fun and retro is the look you desire.

When you are deciding what to do about the color in your kitchen, give Village Pro Painters in Lewisville a call. Village Pro Painters specializes in interior painting and exterior painting. We also perform services such as commercial painting and color consultation.

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